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Multicolor backpack

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Made with love in Florence


  • 100% MADE IN ITALY vegetable tanned hand dyed leather
  • Two compartments with double zippers
  • Handle
  • Double shoulder belt
  • Schottish lining
  • Old brushed brass accessories with brown leather
  • Nickel accessories with multicolor leather

This super lively backpack will give light to your outfits. Light up your winter and shine in the summer with Tuluà. It has three compartments, two of them closed by a zipper and one by magnets. Tuluà is characterized by its squared and original shape, you can take with you documents, folders, ipad and small laptop. The central small belt with magnet embellishes the design. Its compact and slim shape will not hinder you while you take a walk in relax, but also during the daily hectic pace.

The kind of leather we use is mostly vegetable tanned, the most ancient method of tanning. This leather is one of the Italian material most requested and consequently so are the products made of this leather such as our bags, wallets and travel bags. Products that we try to make exclusive since ever.

Width (cm): 28
Height (cm): 35
Depth (cm): 10

Vegetable tanned leather is very beautiful, but it needs an extra attention during its use.
First of all, keep in mind that this leather is similar to human skin, for this reason it can get stained, scratched and damaged.

We suggest you:

  • not to stain with coffee, alcoholics, sugary drinks, oils or acids and sanitizing substances.
  • not to keep the bag under the sun rays for long time (specially in summer) because it could discolor. (Our skin gets a tan, vegetable tanned leather looses color).
  • not to violently beat the accessories, they could break. (If you need assistance for your broken item, please visit the “Assistance” section).
  • wipe with a slightly damp cloth if the leather is superficially stained or scratched.

During the use of these products you will witness the change of the leather, from the quite matte to glossy. (Our products tend to become shinier as the skin ages).
You will be pleasantly surprised at how much vegetable tanned leather is constantly changing.

We provide post sell assistance for free for the entire life of the bag, you will only have to pay the shipping costs.
We offer the assistance service for replacements and repair of zippers, straps, lining, etc…
You only need to send and e-mail to info@tornabuoni-italy.com with the photo of the product, explaining the problem. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

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